Wooden Tarot Card Tray

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This beautiful Wooden Tarot Card Tray is the perfect way to display your tarot cards, gemstones & other treasures. The tray is made of high-quality wood & features a triple moon design that is both elegant & mystical.

This tray has slots that can hold standard-sized Tarot Cards. It also has sectionals for a tealight candle, crystal or other small object, as well as a hidden sectional storage with a Moon Phase Lid. The tray is the perfect size for your altar, desk, coffee table & travel for the adventurous.

This Wooden Tarot Card Tray is a beautiful & intentional way to display your Tarot Cards & other treasures.

Size: 9.5"Lx6.75"Wx1.5"H

Your Choice Of:
•> Tray Set: 1 Wooden Tray, 1 Tealight, White Sand
•> Tray Set + A Crystal : 1 Wooden Tray, 1 Tealight, White Sand, 1 Random Crystal
•> Tray Set + A Crystal + A Tarot Deck: 1 Wooden Tray, 1 Tealight, White Sand, 1 Random Crystal, 1 Select Tarot Deck

+ Tarot Deck Selection:
Adventure Time Tarot
Deviant Moon Tarot
Hermetic Tarot
Light Seers Tarot
Pride Tarot
Rider-Waite Tarot
Tarot Of The Abyss
White Sage Tarot
**Every Tarot Deck Comes With A Guidebook, EXCEPT The Adventure Time Tarot Deck**

If You Are Purchasing The Full Set, Please Note Which Tarot Deck You Are Choosing At Time Of Purchase At Checkout Page.