"My daughter & I met these folks at the Acton Renaissance Faire on the very last day of the event. Even so, there were fully stocked, full of spirit and hands down our favorite vendors of the event. I cannot say enough good things about these people, their ship, their wares or just the overall positive aura they provided to make the rest of the faire feel truly authentic. I will gladly shop with them again if I should catch them at future events. Nothing but love and respect for these wonderful people." - A Mom & Her 14 Year Old


"Recently I had a Tarot card reading by Ash. I will admit it was a long time since my last. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Ash was great at providing a calm and soothing setting for the reading. She was really not only reading my cards but also teaching me about my energy and the implications of the cards I chose. She was spot on with little indicators provided by me. Just to compare I had another reading by different Tarot card person. Not nearly as satisfying or engaging as Ash. Highly recommend her services. Give yourself a present of a new experience and discover new knowledge of your energy. Go for it!" - D.C. O'Hara


"Ash has been my go to resource Tarot Readings and all things related to Astrology for over 10 years. Her in-depth knowledge of the cosmic landscape has helped me develop a confidence in navigating my own psychic path. Whether she comes across a positive or negative insight, Ash has a level of compassion and grace in delivering any news, as a welcomed lesson." - Nicole B.


"Wow, just wow. Ash is a truly gifted reader. Her explanations were revealing and helped me to understand both myself and my connection to the stars. I will definitely be back for more." - Adam B.

"Ash's expertise and sparkling personality show through as she guides you through the meaning of your Tarot cards with insight and compassion. It's almost like having a therapy session with someone prescient and empathetic. Thank you Ash & Blessed be." - Jill P.


"I had a wonderful 3 card tarot reading from the Tree Witch. I've had tarot done before, but this was different. The cards have their meanings, but the one doing the reading must have intuition to relate the chosen cards to the person. The Tree Witch has very strong intuition. Her reading felt very personal and insightful and struck a chord on many levels. It left me with a lot to think about. I highly recommend her reading." - Sheryl M.


“I have found my tarot card reading extremely helpful. I’ve been feeling so good setting boundaries. It’s helped me so much. I’m so grateful for that wisdom and insight! I hope I can do another reading at some point.” - Lisetta R.