The TreeWitch

Ash Arrived Earth-Side During A New England Blizzard In Old Salem Village, Under The Ancient Symbol Of The Storm.

A Gifted Seer, Empathic Intuitive & Overall Sensitive Creature Since Childhood, Ash Is A Lover Of Nature & Sound, Seafaring With The Crystal Pirate, Making Art Of All Kinds, Organic & Biodynamic Gardening, International Travel, Dance & Breathing Magick Back Into The Mundane.

Working With A Wide Range Of Medicinal Modalities For 25 Years (& Counting!) Of Practice, This Shahwitch Is Dedicated For The Eternal Of Time, In Spiritual Service To The Infinite Cosmic Energies Of Life In All Its Truest Forms... Including You!!


Astrology Charts
Tarot Readings
Energy Clearing & Recalibration
Sound Baths & Vibrational Therapy
Dream Work & Walking
Guided Meditations
Shahwitch Sessions
Custom Courses & One-To-One Learning
Esoteric Education - Workshops & Lecture

With Love & Magick.

25+ Years Of Tarot Reading Experience
20+ Years Of Sacred Astrological Study & Practice
Life-Long Psychic, Empathic Intuitive & Shahwitch