Wooden Quija Board & Planchette

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11" Diameter Wooden Quija Board & Planchette

Can Be Used For Spirit Communication, Entertainment Or Decoration

**For Those Concerned That Simply Having A Quija Board In Your Home Is Enough To Invite Spirits In, I Implore You To Consider This: Do you have a keyboard, home phone, calculator, label maker or Pendulum Board in your home?  All of these items are extremely similar to the Quija Board in that they all have a central face covered with numbers & letters, and that they are used to communicate ideas & information. With this in mind, I challenge you to see that it is not an item that connects with spirits but rather how the person uses said item and what their intentions are. A Quija Board is just an object, and it only becomes activated when You, the energetic conduit utilizes it to reach out to other beings. Without you, the Board would simply exist as a decoration. You Are The Magick.**