Astral Intuition Ritual Kit

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Connect With Your Astral Intuition & Support Its  Growth In Your Daily Life With This Handmade Ritual Kit!

The Guiding Scroll Helps To Provide A Basic Structure For Your Spell, With Lots Of Flexibility To Add Your Own Details. You Can Include Symbols, Mantras, Ingredients, Elements, Visualizations, Chants Or Any Other Practices Specific To Your Spiritual Path To Make This Ritual Spell Truly Yours. 



• 1 Blue & 1 Purple Spell Candle

• 1 Palo Santo Blend Incense Stick

• 1 Astral Intuition Anointing Oil

• 1 Astral Intuition Herbal Blend

• 1 Guiding Spell Scroll


**WitchCrafted With Love, Reiki & Magick**

You Are Already Alive Among The Stars; Simply Exist Purely Within Yourself & Remember Just How Incredibly Magickal You Are.