Spell Work Energy-Boost Vial

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Made from the Organic Eggshells of our talented, small chicken tribe, this Egg Boost is intended to add that little extra "Oomph" to your Spells, Rituals and Magickal workings.

4.5" Inches in Length, Plus the Cork

•》After careful washing, drying & baking, each egg shell was marked with various Astrological, Spiritual, Alchemical, Rune & Custom symbols. Charged with specific intentions, and the loving energy of Reiki; processed in a large, Antique Wooden Mortar & Pestle.
•》Bottled in quality glass vials with a real cork, these beauties will arrive fully sealed with natural twine and a wax drip edge.

•》Eggs have long been a symbol of life, new beginnings, fertility and abundance. Use this Egg Boost Blend to call more of that Pure Life Force Energy, into your doings!!
**NOT intended or Safe for Ingestion. External Spell/Ritual Use Only**