Solar Return Year-Ahead Forecast Report

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Receive A Lengthy Forecast Of Your Year-To-Come With This Birthday Focused Chart.

Using The Placement Of The Planets At The Time Of The Current Year & Your Solar Return, We Will Delve Into The Hidden Themes, Repeating Universal Messages & Overall Understanding Of Your Unique & Unfolding Year. 

Information Included But Certainly Not Limited To:

The Chart Layout, Rulership & Significance of Your Unique 12 Houses, The Interaction of The 12 Zodiac Signs, Specific Planetary Placements, Relevant Aspects including Conjunctions, Oppositions, Squares, Sextiles, Past Influence, Experience & Impressions plus some Guidance for Future Endeavors & Not Yet Unfolded Moments

Reports Are Available Within 10 Days Of Purchase.

Person # 1: Birthday, Birth Time, Birth City Or State

Readings Are A Minimum Of 1.5 Hours & A Maximum Of 3 Hours. 

::Please Submit Your Email Address And/Or Phone Number With Your Purchase To Schedule Our Reading Session. IG Video Preferred @witch.pirate Or @thetreewitch.