Rose of Jericho

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A Small Rose of Jericho Plant Friend for House Warming, Spellwork, Abundance & low maintenance Companionship. This plant is especially great for those who lack a green thumb as it cannot be killed! One of its nicknames is actually "The Resurrection Plant". Also known as a Desert Rose.

•》Enjoy the true magic of this desert plant as it wakes from its timeless slumber. Just place this small, roving rose in a shallow dish of water and be mesmerized as it unfolds right in front of you.
•》May take up to 24 hours to fully open!
•》Each Rose of Jericho is charged with Reiki before I send it to live with you!
•》 Comes with list of Relevant Magickal Properties, Usage & Care Instructions.

About 4" Across
Note Each Rose is Unique & Once Open, it May Reveal One, Two or Three Faces!!)