Handle Style Little Cauldron Kit

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Our Cast Iron Cauldron is a great size for small spaces & easy-travel. This Cauldron Kit includes a Satchel of Natural White Sand to line the bottom of your cauldron with, Bamboo Tongs that are 100% compostable, easy to light charcoals, a tealight & your choice of two incenses!!

**This Kit Comes Fully Gift Wrapped & Is Attuned With A 528Hz Frequency & Reiki**


•》(1) Cast Iron Handle Style Cauldron
•》(1) All-Natural Satchel of White Sand
•》(2) Reusable/Recyclable Bamboo Tongs 
•》(2) Coconut Charcoal Disks
•》(1) Tea Light
•》(1) Your Choice Of 2 Loose Incenses
•》(1) Scroll With Instructions & Relevant Magical Properties

**Please Note Which 2 Types Of Incense You Want Included, At Time Of Purchase**