Handmade Leather Pocket Grimoire with Buckle

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Handsewn, Gilded Pages, Green & White Headbands, crafted with Traditional Bookbinding Techniques.

Bound in 100% Genuine Leather. Super soft to the touch.
Stained & Sealed by Hand.

This beautiful little creation has a Bronze Buckle to keep the Book closed well.
The pages are made from an extremely thin paper so you can enjoy that classic crackle sound when turning a page. The gold gilding is also a little wild and has drifted inside a few of the page edges.

The book is freshly bound and might be stiff at first. Open slowly to allow the spine to stretch. Will open more easily with time.

Leaves: #160
PAGES: #320

4.5"x 5.5"x 1.5"