Handmade Ginko Branch Leather Grimoire

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The Ginko Tree is associated with strength, resilience and longevity.
This beautiful One-Of-A-Kind creation is embellished with a delicate, leather Ginko Branch, Handsewn Headbands, Metal Corners, a Bronze Buckle closure, and an ornate embossed back cover.
The pages are a thick brown Kraft Paper/80 GSM, with lightly gilded edges in Gold Acrylic; the gold drifts organically inside some of the page edges as a wild detail.

Both covers are lined with soft, Black Felt, and Gold End Pages. A Secret Message in Thuban is Pyrographed into the front cover, while a hidden Faux Moss-Lined Compartment lies embedded in the back cover, complete with Pyrographed Alchemical Symbols representing the Five Elements. This Grimoire comes in a Custom Protective Wrap made from the full Brown Leather Hide see in the photographs.

This Grimoire also comes with one of our awesome Witches Magnifying Glass Necklaces & a Custom Quartz Crystal Pendulum on an Extra Long Chain.

Being freshly bound, this book may be stiff at first. With consistent use and care, it will open more easily with time.
Hand-Crafted With Traditional Bookbinding Techniques By The Tree Witch.
Bound in 100% Genuine Leather.

Leaves: #100
Pages: #200
Kraft Paper/80 GSM

11"x 8"x 1.75"