Gold Star Charcoal - 10 Tablets

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This Single Roll Of 33mm Gold Star Charcoal Contains 10 Pieces Of Charcoal. A Single Tablet Is Expected To Burn For 1 - 2 Hours, Depending On A Number Of Conditions. 

Simply Hold The Single Charcoal Over An Open Flame, Tealight Or Candle Until A Glittering Effect Can Be Seen. Allow The Sparkle To Cover The Entire Charcoal Tablet And Then Place Into Your Cauldron, Incense Burner Or Other Fire-Safe Container. Sprinkle Resin Or Loose Incense Over Burning Charcoal At Will To Achieve Your Desired Effects.

**These Tablets Come Wrapped In A Foil Sleeve & Should Be Stored In An Air-Tight Container After Opening, To Insure Quality. If Left Open To The Air For An Extended Period Of Time, The Charcoal Tablets May Become Difficult To Ignite Or May Fail To Work Entirely.**