Small Brass Cauldron Kit

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This decorative Brass Cauldron is a great size for small spaces & easy-travel. The Cauldron Kit includes an All-Natural Black Cotton Satchel of Sand to line the bottom of your cauldron for protection & the Bamboo Tongs are 100% compostable!

**This Kit Comes Fully Gift Wrapped & is Charged With Reiki**

This Kit Includes:

•》(1) Brass Cauldron with a Handle
•》(1) All-Natural Black Cotton Satchel of Sand
•》(2) Reusable/Recyclable Bamboo Tongs
•》(1) Smoke Stick of White Sage
•》(3) Coconut Charcoal Disks
•》(1) Red Tea Light
•》(1) Wax Sealed Glass Vial of Palo Santo Loose Incense
•》(1) Scroll with Instructions & Relevant Magical Properties