3 Card Tarot Reading

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Receive The Guidance Of 3 Tarot Cards, Pulled Specifically For You From A Space Of Intentional Meditation, To Answer Your Inquiry.

》You Will Receive A Clear & Detailed Explanation Of Each Cards Meaning, Its Placement Significance & Its Correlation To The Surrounding Cards. A Photo Of Your 
Personal 3 Card Reading Is Also Included.

I Prefer Not Knowing Your Question To Start, So As To Give You The Message From The Cards Without Being Influenced. If You Prefer That I Know The Details Of Your Inquiry Before Reading Your Cards, You Are Invited To Include That In Your Email.

•》After Purchase, If Applicable, Please Email Me Your Optional Question, To Complete The Order. If You Prefer To Keep Your Question To Yourself, No Email Is Necessary & You Will Receive Your Card Reading As A PDF File, Within 24 Hours Of Your Purchase.

•》LIVE Tarot Readings Are Available Via Video Chat For No Additional Charge.
Simply Email Me At: TheTreeWitch@gmail.com To Schedule Your Reading Appointment With Me After Your Purchase.
Thank You Kindly & Stay Magickal!!
25 Years Of Tarot Experience