Tangerine & Lavender Pirate Punch

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Our Tangerine & Lavender Punch has been a customer favorite ever since it hit the bars. The recipe is born from the time TheCrystalPirate spent on the Big Island of Hawaii, tending bar and exploring all the beauty that Nature has to offer out there. This Punch combines fresh tangerines and locally cultivated lavender to create a lush flavor and herbal citrus delight.

Used on Summer Salads and in Blanco Tequila Cocktails, we also love to drink it straight up over ice, or mixed with a little bit of Sparkling Water. You can go wide and use it as a Salmon Glaze or in your Earl Grey Tea - there's no way wrong to enjoy this delicious treat. Our Tangerine & Lavender Pirate Punch is packed with Vitamin C and is sure to your culinary creations into scurvy-fighting sensations!!

Ingredients: Water, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Tangerine, Lavender, Cane Crystal