Herb-Filled Handle Glass Globe Muskrat Wand

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Handmade One-of-a-Kind Magic Wand, featuring a Light-Bouncing Oval Glass Gob Top & Antique Medallion; Encrusted with Opal Matrix Cutaway Gem Stones, A Clear Crystal Quartz Point & A Single Large Muskrat Tooth; with a Handle Wrapped in comfortable Black Satin Ribbon and Black Genuine Leather.

The Handle of this Wand has been filled with a Magickal Blend of Organic, Homegrown & Wildcrafted Herbs... plus a little something extra special from my birthplace!! This unique blend aims to aid in the Focus Your Intentions, Super Charge Your Magick & Further Your Connection with Source Energy.

The Herb-Filled Handle Blend Includes:
•Lightning Struck Oak Pieces from the 1637 Old Burying Point in Salem, Massachusetts
•13 Elderberries
•Garden Sage
•Witch Hazel
•Orange Rind

•》This Wand was lovingly made during the sky phases of the Scorpio Sun & Gemini Moon. These Signs are based in the Elements of Water & Air. It has been charged with Reiki.

•》MUSKRAT MEDICINE MEANING: Often living near ponds, rivers, streams, lakes and marshes, these creatures have an obvious & strong connection to the Element of Water & have traditionally symbolized the ability to traverse the waters of emotional experiences with great success, returning safely home to a grounded space. They work in cooperation with other species and are often able to reuse what is discarded by others, making them a natural recycler. Some Native American Tribes credit the Muskrat with playing a large role in Creating the World, and bringing success in a hunt when respected.

•》Use this Muskrat Energy to focus and set your emotions behind your intentions, guiding your Magick through to the Astral Realms, yielding success at home in your own reality.

•》Helpful Wand for Community Workings & Group Magic, Sharing Perspectives, Supporting Individuality Within a Group Mindset, Opening Up to Emotions & Focusing Divided Intentions to Unify.

18.5" Inches

14 Ounces

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