Herbal Salt Soaking Spells - Variety 3 Pack

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These beauties were made for working Magick! Using All Organic Herbs, grown and wild crafted with love, these Herbal Salt Soaking Spells will melt away the mundane & bring the beauty of ritual to your next bath time!

Handcrafted on the Day of the Full Moon, bathed in the light of the Libra Sun and the Full Aries Moon, these Spells are infused with specific intentions & attuned with Reiki.

•》Set of 3 Soaking Spells (1 of each Spell)
•》Comes with Scroll of Instructions & Magickal uses for each Soaking Spell
•》Use One Whole Spell Vial Per Bath
•》Each Spell has been sealed with specific intention, wax and twine

LetGoLove Soaking Spell • 》Red Rose & Orange
☆Relieving Anger, Anxiety, Stress. Helping to remove Energetic Blockages, Fear, Self-Doubt. Boosting Love & Self-Love, Passion, Beauty, Happiness

WitchesBrew Soaking Spell •》Cinquefoil, Mugwort, Bay Leaf, 5 Elder Berries, Yarrow, Lobelia, Witch Hazel, Rose Petals
☆Attracting Magick, Money, Strength, Confidence, Courage, BadAssery, Protection. Cutting Negative Ties, Energetic Blocks, Cords. Increasing Personal Power, Intuition, Wisdom, Vibration, Spirit Work & Meditation

PsychicSleep Soaking Spell •》Lavender & Chamomile
☆Calming the Mind, Body & Soul. Increasing Relaxation, Peace Connection-to-Self, Acceptance, Relieves Stress, Anxiety, Tension, Mania, Worry. Enhances Intuition, Psychic Experience & Astral Travel