Gateway Book Series - Triple Goddess Tome

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☆Handmade Blank Page One-of-a-Kind Red Leather Bound Double Witches Tome with Glossary, Magnet MoonPhase Key & Full-Hide Protective Wrap☆

☆A Unique Double Book of Shadows with Cover/Altar Cloth☆

☆Every piece of this creation was Handmade, using a fusion of Traditional Book Binding Techniques, Many an Artistic Liberties, Imaginative Explorations and Quality Materials Sourced Responsibly.

☆This Gate Style Bound Book features two text blocks, sewn with authentic black and white embroidery thread headbands and is protected with individual, gold gilded, hard paper pockets sealed by small velcro half circles.

☆The two striking front covers are decorated with metal face plates and aged corner protectors. The Gate Covers, are held together by a uniquely designed, handmade & magnetized Key that slides over the opposing Crescent Moons to complete the Goddess Symbol.

☆Inside the Book, you'll discover the messages of Ancient Wisdom continue in Theban Code: "As Above, So Below". The covers are lined with a black felt and hand sewn leather side stitching.

☆The two text blocks are sewn from Handcut Quality Brown Kraft paper, 80 GSM. This paper is thick and durable. It is strong enough to accommodate a variety of inky pens, markers, paint & glue for collaging pages.

☆Peeking out from below the text blocks, is a pillar of Alchemical Symbols, leading to an entire back panel of Pyrographically inscribed information and hand painted acrylic details. The Astrological Wheel can be used to learn about the Signs, Houses & Elemental Connections, as well as a Pendulum Board, with the Outcomes: YES, NO & MAYBE written around the border. There's also the Ogham, an Ancient Numeral Coding System based on Trees and the Key for the Theban alphabet, which is used in a variety of places all over this Tome.

☆A small Brass Bell hangs on a removable Vintage Gold Chain to serve as a vibrational reset, cleansing & grounding tool, and as a Pendulum. It can be easily attached to the back, inner page for safe keeping when not in use.

☆This Triple Goddess Tome is truly a wealth of information. A Complete Guide will also be provided with this Item to help it's new owner become fully acquainted with all of its details & inner workings.

☆On the back of this double Book, you will find a giant embossed Goddess Symbol, framed by the double spines & headbands. This book could be an altar all to itself!!

☆The entire Triple Goddess Tome is lovingly wrapped in a Genuine Leather full-hide dyed in black, with hand stitched details and a Unique Metal Key Closure. The Cover Key detail doubles as a pen pocket or secret pouch. When the hide is fully open, it also serves as an Altar Cloth, Tarot Spread Space or Ritual Area.

☆This unusual and eye-catching Tome is suitable for both a Beginner to the Craft & a Long Time Practitioner.

Book: 7.75"tall x 12"wide
Pendulum Chain: 7"long
Full-Hide Cover: 27"tall x 24"wide
Pages: Kraft Brown (80GSM) 7.25"tall x 4.75"wide
《• 144 Leaves = 288 Pages x 2 Text Blocks for 576 Pages Total •》

☆Information included with this Tome:
•》Theban/Witches Alphabet
•》The Ogham/Numerals
•》Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planets
•》Astrological Houses & Corresponding Signs, Planets & Elements
•》Alchemical Symbols
•》Pendulum Mat: Yes, No, Maybe
•》The 8 Witches Sabbats
•》The Lunar Phases

May You Find Magick in Every Day & May the Magick Find You in Return!!