Cedar Smoke Stick

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A beautifully cured Cedar Bundle, hand-wrapped in all-natural cotton fiber. Ethically sourced and lovingly prepared, this Smoke & Ash Stick provides a heavy yet fragrant smoke when burned, and brings about a new level of vibration to the spaces it fills. The Cedar Tree is well-known for its prolific use in rituals, ceremonies and many a sacred practice, by the Native Americans as well as other Ancient Nature Worshipping Cultures.

Alas! Smoke has been used by practically Every Culture on Every Continent to represent our unexplainable, yet undeniable connection with that indescribable entity of Light - the Spirit Realm, the Great Beyond, Source or God/Goddess. Call it what you will, Smoke has forever been the symbol and practice of our experience with it. Bring the Smoke & Ash into your home and heart today!

When using smoke to clear out old energies, make sure to open a door or window to allow the old vibes to move along - Otherwise your just sweeping up dirt, without throwing it out!

9" in Length

•》Comes with a Scroll of Instructions and Relevant Magical Properties.
•》Each Cedar Stick is charged with Reiki before packaging

Magical Properties May Include, But Are Not Limited To:
•》Similar properties as White Sage
•》Clearing & Cleansing of Energies
•》Purify a Space, Home or Person
•》Calming & Relaxing Effect
•》Invokes Sense of Renewal in the Mind & Spirit
•》Super Grounding
•》Connection to the Lakota & Thunder Beings