Anti-Itch Bug Bite Stick

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When we put this salve on our bites, the itch and burn seems to lessen within moments! Who wouldn't be thankful for such immediate and lasting relief? We can't take credit for this incredible magic of course, because it really belongs to the Wild Plaintain harvested from our WitchPirate Farm property, our homegrown Calendula and the Citronella we have been overwintering as a beloved house pet. 

This winning combinations ability to cut the burn, and keep it away is simply awing and we couldn't be more thankful about that!! It also helps to decrease the inflammation of bites, so if you have a run in with a hornet, wasp or otherwise - this is the bug stick for you.

**Weighs .3 Oz. and Comes in a Recyclable Paper Push-up Stick**

Other Benefits May Include But Are Not Limited To:

*Heal insect bites & stings
*Treating small wounds, cuts & soothing eczema

Ingredients: Organic Calendula, Organic Citronella, Wild Crafted Plaintain, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Candelilla Wax