Handmade Amethyst & Copper Faerie Wing Hair Comb

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Add A Touch Of Whimsy & Enchantment To Your Look With This Handmade Faerie Wing Hair Comb! Experience The Elegant Combination Of Gemstone & Metal With Intentional Design. Crafted With Ornate Details & A Patina Finish, This Eye-Catching Piece Features Stunning Copper Wings With A Beautiful Amethyst Cabochon Center. 

Adorn Yourself With This Unearthly Beauty To Make You Feel Like A Dream!

**Amethyst Is Known For Many Energy Applications. Among Some Of The More Popular Uses Are: Protection, Mental Tranquility, Resistance To Repeat Negative Patterns & Calming Vibes. It Is Also Connected To The Third Eye Chakra Making It A Perfect Energetic Adornment To Place On Your Head**

5.5" Inches Tall x 2.75" Inches Wide

This Handmade Piece Has Been Sealed With Renaissance Wax, Charged With Reiki & Attuned To A 528Hz Frequency. 

 Patina May Continue To Form Over Time Depending On Wear & Exposure To The Elements. Current Aesthetic May Be Preserved By Occasional Resealing.

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